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Cottage for Rent - Silver Lake, New York
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There are more things to do at Silver Lake than I could begin to tell you about - So I'll tell you about my family's favorites. Then you can check out the links to find all the other things in and around Silver Lake.

Family Favorites:

  • Take a slow boat ride around the lake - with a few beverages of course.
  • Park the boat up at the sandbar (north end of the lake) wade in the waist high water.
  • Go to the Silver Lake twin drive-in theater (showing first release films).
  • Go to the Charcoal Corral - Miniature golf, Arcade games, Ice cream parlor, Pizza (about the best in the area), -
  • Sitting on the front porch at night with a few candles lit.
  • The kids love to play in the park across the street and especially the Perry park playground which has a great wading pool.
  • Going to "The Hole in the Wall" or "John & Sarah's" for breakfast.
  • The hot air balloon festival is cool.
  • The Ring of Fire on July 3rd. (sorry the cottage is not available)
  • The kids love to swim at the Institute swimming area. There is a life guard on duty during the summer months.
  • We like to go to dinner at the Lumber Yard restaurant at least once in the summer.

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So how do I sign up? - Poke around on this site to see if this is truly the vacation dwelling that will meet your needs. Check the availability on the calendar. Then send me an email. Tell me about yourself (I want to be particular about who will be experiencing the many years of hard work I put into this place). Once I get your email, I'll give you a call to talk about all the questions you might have. I know you will just fall in love with Silver Lake and this cottage. CLICK HERE TO SEND ME EMAIL